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Advertising terms and conditions for Adventure Jobs

Persons or organizations (“Advertisers”) advertising on  (the “Site”) agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

1. Payment conditions
 1.1 All amounts owing to Adventure Jobs New Zealand , by Advertisers must be paid within 21 days from the date of invoice, notwithstanding any errors or ommisions in listings on the Site.
1.2 Adventure Jobs New Zealand reserves the right to charge an additional 5% penalty fee per week overdue for late payments.
1.3 Adventure Jobs New Zealand reserves the right to recoup any collection costs incurred from the Advertiser

2. Advertisments (“listings”)
 2.1 Advertisements (“listings”)will be displayed for 1 calendar month from the date of listing, or until the Advertiser advises Adventure Jobs New Zealand the listed vacancy has been filled, at which time the listing will be withdrawn from the Site. After a listing has been withdrawn from the Site, a new listing fee must be paid to re-advertise the same or any other position.
2.2 Advertisers agree that after a listing has been displayed for 1 calendar month, reposting (without withdrawing) the same or similar listing constitutes a new listing, therefore a new listing fee will be payable for any subsequent period of 1 calendar months from the date of relisting.
2.3 For listing purposes, Advertisers agree that a listing for one position is defined as “a single employment vacancy that is expected to be filled by one employee” and a multiple listing as “a single type of employment vacancy that is expected to be filled by two or more people” and agree to pay the designated fees for such listings.

3. Legal requirements
 3.1 Advertisements must ensure that all listings posted to   meet the legal requirements of (but not limited to) the Fair Trading Act 1986, Commerce Act 1986, Bill of Rights Act 1990, Human Rights Act 1993 as well as anti-discrimination and equal rights legislation of NZ.
3.2 Adventure Jobs New Zealand  reserves the right to withdraw or refuse to accept without notice any advertisement that appears to contravene NZ law.
3.3 Advertisers and Adventure Jobs New Zealand  agree to comply without limitation to the Privacy Act 1993 and all copyright laws with regard to advertising on the Site.
3.4 Advertisers agree to indemnify Adventure Jobs New Zealand and its employees and agents from any actual or contingent costs, charges, expenses, damages or liabilities incurred as a result of any actual or alleged breach of any law, code of conduct or  regulation by the Advertiser, or as a consequence of the Advertisers listing appearing on the Site.

4. Ommissions, errors or delays
 4.1 Adventure Jobs New Zealand  makes reasonable efforts to ensure listings are accurate, and will make every effort to correct any errors or ommissions brought to our attention, however Adventure Jobs New Zealand  accepts no responsibility or liability for errors or ommissions therefore Advertisers are advised to check their advertisements as soon as they are listed.
4.2 Adventure Jobs New Zealand  agrees to use reasonable efforts to publish listings with in the shortest possible time, however Adventure Jobs New Zealand  is not liable for any loss or damages incurred resulting from delays or failures.